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Bucket list item #72: Try and learn how to fish with a pole

It took three days of me fishing before I finally caught one, but you best believe I wasn't going to stop trying till' I got one! And thus, I present to you, my fish!

My first fish! Salt water trout that was long enough for us to keep!

But let me back track and share how it all went down. I have always wanted to learn how to fish because one, I have a slight fear of fish (I believe all fish are piranhas and they're all out to get me, don't ask), and two, fishing has played a big role on the livelihood of my mum's side of the family. This journey started off with me flying to Texas with Cole. He works in Iraq as well, and we had previously had conversations about how much he enjoys fishing, so when he agreed to teach me, off I went!

There are many places to go fishing in Texas, and different kinds of fishing as well. From salt water to fresh water, from catching bass to trout and red fish. Before I could do any of that, I had to go and get a fishing license. The process was simple. We went to Academy, which is a sports and outdoors shop. You can just ask the cashier for a fishing license, and they'll tell you what options they have. My fresh water and salt water fishing license cost me roughly $49 USD.

Coleto Creek

The first two days we went fishing, we went down to Coleto Creek which is in a town called Victoria, Texas. I was told the water was a bit low so the chances of me catching anything was a bit low, but it was a great opportunity for me to practice casting, and reeling it the bait back in. Let me say, I may not have caught any fish, but I was able to catch a bunch of tree branches and lily pads. Haha. Cole, on the other hand, being the pro that he is, was able to catch a bunch.

Cole trying to use up all the time he has on the water, but with the view of the sunset, who am I to complain? (Check out his instagram: redman_fit7811)

On the third day, we went out to Copano Bay to fish with Cole's step dad, Chris. This time, Chris was casting for me then walking me through the process of how to hook a fish if I felt a tug on the line, or if I saw the bobble thing dip down. Chris was the first to catch a fish, on his first cast too! Then I caught my first salt water trout. Then Cole managed to catch this massive red fish! The whole day was amazing. I was catching fish after fish, though nothing big enough to keep. I even managed to reel in a red fish that was 19 inches long (an inch too short to keep so we let it go), but the biggest one I caught all day!

One of the great things I learned was that salt water fish has to be a certain size for you to be able to take them home. For example, for a red fish, it has to be at least 20 inches long, otherwise you have to return it back to the ocean. This is one of the methods the government ensures the fish population has a chance to grow and reproduce. When we went bass fishing in Coleto Creek, we let all the fish go. Fortunately, Cole and Chris both helped remove the hooks out. I think I might have done more damage if it were me.

I can see the appeal of fishing and why Cole talks about going home to fish all the time. Even on the days I didn't catch anything, just being out on the water was already so therapeutic for me. We got the chance to see some wildlife along the way, so I felt like the trip was a success either way. I know fishing may not be for everyone. It takes a lot of hours, patience, and motivation. We were on the water for about 4-6 hours on each day.

Check out my crocs. I was told this was the appropriate footwear for fishing.

Would I recommend fishing? Hell yeah! I know I would definitely want to go again. Maybe even get to the point where I can hook the bait, cast, hook the fish, and reel it in all by myself! New goal set! And for those of you that don't like the smell of fish (like me), surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. Unless you put your hand up to your nose, you couldn't smell the fish at all. Try it at least once! Maybe it is for you, maybe it isn't, but I would definitely recommend giving it a try.