• I Am Sam.

Don't know what you're interested in? Here's how you can figure it out!

Have you ever felt like you have zero hobbies? Not quite sure what activities you like or don't like to do? I know exactly how you feel.

I’ve spent most of my life doing what my parents have told me to do. Join this club, Sam; play this sport, Sam; learn this instrument, Sam. By the time I had gotten to the age where I was living on my own, I was so lost, and had no idea what I was really interested in. Everything was so general. I was fairly good at many things, but never had one specific interest or skill that I wanted to focus on. I had gotten so used to having other people tell me what to do that I didn’t have a sense of identity. And if we’re being completely honest, I am still on that road to discovering who I am, and what I like and don’t like.

It hasn’t been easy. For years I felt like I was in a hole. A slump. Nothing seemed to interest me. I’d get excited about trying something new, only to find out I didn’t like it at all. I’d start something and never finish it. I’ll try trekking… nah. What about painting?… nahhh. Baking??.... Nahhhh. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world when you don’t know who you are. You end up looking at the people next to you and trying to be more like them. Then sometimes when it doesn’t work out, you end up questioning yourself. What’s wrong with me? Why aren’t I like the rest of the world? I've tried so many things and every time something didn’t work out, I’d fall into a depressive state until I’d motivate myself to try something new. It’s no easy thing, having to motivate yourself, but it’s something we have to do otherwise what’s the point of it all?

Sam the trekker

So from all this, I have come up with three steps to how I think I can figure out what I might be interested in. This is all trial and error, so I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's been a success, but I figured this could be one way for me try new things, and if it doesn't work out, at least I'll have the memories. It might work out for you too.

Step 1 - Create a mini bucket list.

This is one of the main ways I stay motivated. If you've read one of my other posts on my bucket list (you can read it here), you'll see I’ve added things like places I want to travel to, things I want to do, future goals, the whole lot. I’m hoping that by going through this list, I’ll eventually find something I would love to either do as a career, or even for a hobby. I imagine all the people I’d meet along the way would also help me along my path to self discovery. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll meet one of you fellow readers.

If you need help coming up with a list, I would recommend breaking it down into categories. For example, list the countries you want to visit, different activities you want to try and experience, short classes you might want to take, skills you want to learn, etc. If you're a bit of a nerd like I am, you can even research different bucket lists and take some ideas from them. I must have looked at over 10 bucket lists before compiling everything together and making my own. Hopefully in doing all this, you'll start feeling inspired and motivated to try new things out.

Sam the painter

Step 2 - Start checking off the items, and narrowing down your list.

Once you go through the different items on your bucket list, you should start to get a feel for the activities you do like, and the ones that you don't. It's important to realise though, that it is okay if it takes you awhile to find something you enjoyed doing. Remember we're all different people. Some girls grew up with Barbie dolls, others with G.I. Joe figures. Just because you have a friend that might be super good at one thing, doesn't mean you have to be great at the same thing. So don't feel bad if you're still lost. Just try and have fun doing all these new things.

Step 3 - Once you've found something you're interested in, expand on it!

If you happen to find an activity that you liked doing, there you go! Look further into it. Maybe this could be something that you can do as a career. It also doesn't have to be one particular thing, nor does it have to be a specific item on your list. You might end up getting an idea while doing something. For example, I realised as I started writing my list down, and going on my trips that I love anything that has to do with animals. This already has narrowed down a potential career path for me to look into.

Sam the baker

I invite all you lost souls to do the same. If you still feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, or what you might want to do, it’s okay. You aren’t damaged or broken in any way. It just takes some of us a little longer to figure out our calling in life. So be a little patient with yourself, have a little faith and just keep going. It's like what I was saying earlier. I tried trekking, painting, and baking amongst other things, and while I may not want to pursue any of them as an actual career, I don't regret going through the experience. I learned a lot, and enjoyed the time I spent on it. And you never know, it might come handy in the future. At least now I know if I'm ever feeling down, I can make a mean batch of cookies and brownies to cheer myself up. Who wouldn't want that?!

Come up with a bucket list of your own. You can take some ideas from mine, or research other lists and take some ideas from them. Put yourself out there, face your fears, discover yourself and how you fit in in this crazy world.