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Down in the dumps? Here are some ways to re-motivate yourself

One of the biggest struggles I have with living abroad is demotivation. There are some days where I honestly question whether I made the right decision to leave the Philippines. It's almost ironic. I spent so many years trying to get out, and yet sometimes, I wish I was there. Anything can trigger the feeling of helplessness. From the long hours of work to the time difference, it can be hard to keep in touch with loved ones. It can be frustrating, especially during the times when all you want is to hear a familiar voice. Because of this, I will sometimes find myself down in the dumps, and the problem with being alone and feeling that way is I have to find my own way to snap out of it.

Here are a few of the things that I do to help me re-motivate myself.

1. Watch motivational videos

I only recently started doing this, but I find it can be helpful - especially if you watch the videos in the morning while you're getting ready or eating breakfast. It's a great way to start the day when you have someone hyping and pumping you up for what's to come. I also find this good because a lot of times when a motivational speaker talks, they tend to say things that you realise you can relate to. In a way it's almost like they open your eyes to your reality, and you feel comfort in knowing that what you're going through is perfectly normal. We all have our bad days, but that doesn't mean everyday will always be a bad day. Sometimes you just need to change your mindset, and you'll change your life.

2. Read books

This is for the book worms out there. I know not everyone likes to read, but if there is any book that got me out of a slump, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" was it. That book had me reevaluating my life and trying to figure out how I could change the way I was living to make money work for me rather than me work for money. Another good one that I loved was "The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck." That book made me realise that a lot of the problems I thought I had really weren't problems at all. We tend to let our emotions take control when we really just need to learn to not give a shit. Most of the time, whatever the issue is doesn't actually matter in the end.

Terrible attempt of my sister, mum, and I trying to make a heart through a video call

3. Talk to family and/or friends

Sometimes it's good to just talk it out. Find that someone that usually helps you get back in the groove, and just hang out. You don't even necessarily have to talk about whatever it is you're feeling. Having a friend or family member around can also be a good distraction, and sometimes if they ask you to come along with them through their day, you can get a sense of accomplishment in that too. I like talking to my best friend or my sister when I'm down in the dumps. With my best friend, it's usually a catch up session. With my sister, we end up talking about the most random things. Just earlier today we went from talking about museums to getting sister tattoos.

4. Make a to do list for the week

If you haven't figured it out yet from my previous blog posts, I am obsessed with making lists. One of the best ways for me to motivate myself is for me to feel like I've managed to accomplish something within the week. Having a to-do list helps me with this. It can be simple things like cleaning my room, or doing the laundry. Even completing basic household chores is an accomplishment. The important thing is to get yourself moving towards a goal. It's the discipline you go through to make sure you've completed the task that helps.

5. Take a break

Maybe you just need a breather. Take some time away from the daily grind and reward yourself for the day. I usually do this by holing up in my room, putting some chick flick on (P.S. I Love You is my go to or if I don't feel like a chick flick then it's Gladiator all the way), eating a tub of ice cream, and crying at the ending. It's like a reset button. I essentially spend the day just pampering myself; taking naps when I want to, eating whatever I feel like eating. Have a "me" day. You deserve one.

In the end, what's really important is that you know you won't be in a slump forever. Sometimes we just have to go through the days, and let the misery pass. Are there any specific things you do to help yourself get motivated? What has worked out for you? I'd love to hear some of your techniques, maybe it will help others out too. Till' the next article, just like what my boss always says, keep on steppin'.

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