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Traveling has no age limit

The more that I travel, the more I realise that travel has no age limit. I don’t know why, but I had always thought that travelers were usually quite young. I think this is because I have always assumed that when you’re older, you wouldn’t really have the energy or capability to travel such long distances for obvious reasons. I know, I know. I'm terrible for thinking this way, but on my most recent trip to New Zealand, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with backpackers of all ages. 

From teenagers taking a gap year to retired couples that wanted to see the world, it was amazing talking to these individuals and hearing their stories. At one point, I went on a cruise to the Doubtful Sound and was the youngest person on the tour, and everyone else were grandparents already! I’ll admit it was a little strange being with all of them seeing as in many ways I couldn’t relate, but at the same time, we were all there for one main purpose - to appreciate nature. 

I have come to one conclusion from all this: it is never too late to travel. I have met people that chose to advance their careers and family life first, and then decided to travel once all their kids had left the home. At the same time, I have also met people that chose to travel first to figure out what they wanted in life before settling down. Young students that wanted to see what was out there first. Then there were those like me, already working, and traveling as a way of taking a break from the daily grind. We all had our different stories, and yet, here we all were. With pretty much the same goal: to see more of what the world has to offer.

I met an older lady who was in her early fifties that had decided to quit her job, sell all her belongings and travel. She stayed in the same hostels as me in one of the towns I was visiting in New Zealand. Originally from the UK, her trip started in South East Asia before she flew down to Australia, and then New Zealand. She was on her last few days in New Zealand, and still had plans to travel across Canada and the US before returning home. She had been I think five months into her journey already. Amazing.

So the moral of this story is basically travel whenever. If you notice your friends are all out travelling, and you're stuck at work, don't feel bad about it. It might just mean that you have different priorities than them. You can travel at ANY time YOU want to travel. It's an experience that doesn't have an age requirement. Even activities and tours usually don't have age restrictions. I went bungee jumping in New Zealand, and the girl that went after me was 14 years old, while the oldest person they had a picture of jumping was 91! The important thing is to not let your age hold you back on the things you want to achieve and experience. Go and live life the way YOU want to live it. Travel on!

Here are some photos of me traveling through the years!